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Review of The Carol Tice Freelance Writers Den Membership Site

12.16.12 Posted in Freelance Writing by

The Freelance Writers Den is a freelance writing membership site that was created a little over a year ago by professional freelance writer Carol Tice. This membership site has the goal of helping new or struggling freelance writers achieve success and based on the feedback and positives reviews the site has met its goal and more. I only recently joined the Freelance Writers Den because it is often closed to new members and only accepts a set number of members at a time. I had my name on the waiting list for several months and needless to say, when I received the invitation to join I jumped at the chance to find out what all the hubbub was about regarding this site.

What You Will Find Inside The Freelance Writers Den
One of the huge positive’s of the Den is the immense amount of information that has been added in a relatively short period of time. Another possibly larger benefit is that Carol (and her partner Linda Formichelli, author of The Renegade Writer) is extremely active in the forums. This site isn’t like other membership sites I’ve joined, only to see the founder melt away after several months. Carol started the site on a strong note and she has continued in that vein, possibly becoming MORE involved as the site grows and matures. Here are the main benefits in the Freelance Writers Den:

The Learning Corner
This is where all of the Den’s ecourses and bootcamps can be found can be found. Here are the lessons and bootcamps you will have access to:


  • All About Content Mills
  • Business Basics
  • Great Writing Niches
  • How to Break Into Freelance Writing
  • How to Move Up and Earn More
  • Marketing Basics
  • Overcoming Fear and Finding Inspiration
  • Your Writer Website and Blog


  • Break Into Business Writing
  • Step by Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success
  • How to Be a Well Paid Blogger
  • How to Make Good Money Writing Online
    • These lessons alone are worth the $25 membership fee and are just the starting point! The other areas of the Den are even more valuable in my opinion. Not to mention having access to Carol and Linda’s expertise and the insights of more than 1000 other members on the forums.

      Active Den Forums
      The forums on the Freelance Writers Den continue to see activity on a daily basis and Carol has continued to be a huge resource here with 3530 posts as of today’s date. That’s roughly 6-7 posts per day over the past 18 months that the Den has been open. You can also get feedback from other professional writers such as Linda Formichelli and John Soares. Recent posts on the forum include:

      • 2012 Freelance Industry Report – What Writers Make
      • Hiring an Editor for your book manuscript
      • Do Payment Issues always = a bad client?
      • Resources for Learning Social Media and SEO Skills – to Perform for Clients

      Webinars and Live Events
      I have to admit that I haven’t taken full advantage of the “live” nature of these events since they are scheduled to go off during the day in the U.S. and I live on the other side of the world in Thailand. The great thing is that these events are all recorded and posted in the Den so you can consumer them at your leisure. These webinars and live events consist of interviews with other successful freelance writers, editors, bloggers, and business experts. There are 2-4 new webinars every month and the archive of recordings is rapidly approaching 100 of these informational gems!

      The Junk-Free Job Board
      Do you hate sifting through all the junk posted on many of the freelance writing job boards? Save yourself some time and aggravation with the Junk-Free Job Board. Every 4 days or so, Carol sifts through all the junk out there and gives you only the best freelance writing opportunities available. These are all high paying jobs with great potential working with professional companies and web properties.

      Should You Join The Freelance Writers Den?
      I believe that anyone who is looking to make more money as a freelance writer can benefit from membership in The Den. You need to bring an open mind, a willingness to learn and be ready to take action on your new knowledge. If you can do those three things chances are The Den will be a huge benefit to your writing business. Even experienced freelance writers can benefit from the experience of their peers.

      It’s only $25 a month and there are no fees for joining, plus you can leave The Den at anytime. Just having access to the webinar archive and ecourses is more than worth the first months’ fee, and if you feel that The Den doesn’t provide you with any added value beyond that you can leave. I don’t think you’ll want to leave though once you’re already in; it’s just too much value.

      You can get more information at the official Freelance Writers Den Website.
      If the website and this post haven’t addressed all of your questions or concerns, leave a comment before and I will answer myself or will approach Carol to come over here and answer your questions.

One Response to “Review of The Carol Tice Freelance Writers Den Membership Site”

  1. Deb Mitchell says:

    Hi, Carol. I just stumbled upon your site via one of your articles on freelance writing (I think I linked to it from Writers Market). I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for having a group like this! I’ve been freelancing for a couple of local/regional publications for about 3 1/2 years now along with working ‘day jobs’ for a publishing company and an interior designer as an assistant. In short, I’ve been fumbling around with my career! The thought of a ‘mastermind’ type of group had never occurred to me until I met the interior designer I now work with. She is a part of a mastermind group for designers and it has made such a dramatic impact on her business – not to mention it’s a constant and ongoing resource for her to bring questions and ideas to the group to benefit from the thoughts and experiences of others. Many of the other writers’ groups I’m seeing don’t seem to be as interactive as yours… maybe including recorded telecalls, etc. but not a forum. In terms of my career path, although I love the variety of working with a publisher and an interior designer, the money isn’t good, and neither is the sense of accomplishment and autonomy. While I have great relationships with the editors I work with now and have built a nice portfolio, I feel like I have a block on my writing career as I don’t know how to find a ‘mother lode’ of paying clients/publications. And I’m further stymied by social media and blogging – I am so overwhelmed by those arenas and I simply can’t afford sinking time into anything that may not have a direct and immediate financial payoff. At the same time, I recognize that these areas are at the forefront of our modern lives. To not blog, tweet, etc. is to basically label yourself a dinosaur!!! I need help, I need direction, I need a place where I can ask questions of other writers who have gone before me. I feel that, while I constantly have questions, there’s still so very much that I don’t know about freelance writing that I don’t really know what to ask! I’m hoping to be able to get into your program soon (I really can’t afford the 4 Week J-School at the moment) and I’m really, really hoping your program will help lay down some tracks for me as I look to work smarter, making more money per hour of work, and to become an accomplished professional, rather than what I am now -an assistant to someone else who is an accomplished professional!
    Thank you, Carol. I hope to hear from you soon!
    All the best,
    Deb Mitchell

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